My Biografi


Full Name: Isabel Anjani
Nicknames: Bella
Address: Housing Griya Kencana Permai block B4 / 3 Argorejo Sedayu bantul
School: National Junior High School 1 Kasihan
Hobbies: Basketball, Swimming, reading novels, learning
Goals: Doctor or Musician
date of birth: 31 August 1997
Activities At home: Washing clothes, sweeping floors, cooking, washing dishes, eating, sleeping, learning
school activities: learning, and many asked the teachers
Close friends: Galuh, Maylani, Titis, Sufyan, Ardy, Nelson, etc.
status: student
idol: kim soo hyun, haechull, Kyuhyun, hang geng, jung hyong hwa

a little about me:
  When I was 7 I attended extracurricular classes Theater, music, and Basketball
as I can tell my seven classes including a recalcitrant child and my brother often be monitoring classes and teachers
  When I attended 8th grade extracurricular music I feel happy because I like and love music
  after moving into ninth grade I had started to stop activities that are less important to me
and began to focus on school and exams

so many of my acquaintance









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